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This is not a complete list or in any particular order, but simply a starting point for many interesting books you may wish to read.

Falconry and Management Techniques

Book Name Author
Understanding the Bird of Prey Nick Fox
Falconry & Hawking Philip Glasier
The Modern Falconer Diana Durman-Walters
Raptors in Captivity Lori R. Arent
Understanding Owls Jemima Parry-Jones
The Complete Rabbit and Hare Hawk Martin Hollinshead
Hawking Ground Quarry Martin Hollinshead
Falconry Principles and Practice Roger Upton
Developing the Modern Gamehawk Lynn Oliphant
Falcons and Falconry Frank Illingworth
Y2K Falconry Pete Smith
The Art of Falconry Patrick Morel
Gamehawk Ray Turner
Falconry in Arabia Mark Allen
The Imprint Accipiter Michael McDermott
Accipitrine Behavioral Problems: Diagnosis and Treatment Michael McDermott

Health And Veterinary Care

Book Name Author
Veterinary Aspects of Captive Birds Of Prey John E. Cooper
Birds Of Prey Health & Disease John E. Cooper
Raptor Biomedicine III: Including Bibliography of Diseases of Birds of Prey Edited by Lumeij JT, Remple D, Redig PT, Lierz M and Cooper JE

Falconry Language

Book Name Author
The Encyclopedia of Falconry Adrian Walker
Ars Accipitraria Beatriz Candil Garcia

Personal Experiences and Stories

Book Name Author
The Goshawk T. H. White
H is for Hawk Helen Macdonald
Where Eagles Hare Thomas Carnihan